Lois Bliss Herbine

Stephen Mager's Illuminations
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Saltarello (The Falcon)
from Illuminations

Stephen Mager

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Lois Herbine, piccolo &
Sophie Bruno, harp

Concerts at Carmel
September 2007

"(In) the recently composed Illuminations, a wonderfully original song cycle by Stephen Mager based on texts in archaic English for voice, piccolo, and harp, the piccolo and harp contributions by Lois Bliss Herbine and Sophie Bruno Labiner are models of color-driven expression"
-The Philadelphia Inquirer record review by David Patrick Stearns, May 3, 2009 (Iluminations, DTR 6050)

"There's not a musician appearing on this program who isn't operating at the highest level, but the stars of the show are the two woodwind players" (Ricardo Morales and Lois Herbine)... Lois Bliss Herbine's piccolo is a second vocal participant, intertwining her song-like lines around the soprano's. Herbine produces a full and richly colored tone on her tiny instrument that, in lesser hands, can become wearyingly fife-like. A lighter-than-air Saltarello movement for piccolo and harp alone gives center stage to Herbine's virtuosity as she effortlessly shifts between passages of flutter- tonguing and regular articulation in the course of the movement. "
-Philadelphia Music Makers CD review by Andrew Quint, fall, 2009 (Illuminations, DTR 6050)

"All of the performers here are first-rate; the live performances are highly satisfying... Perhaps the most intriguing work on the program is Illuminations, a song cycle for soprano, piccolo and harp (2001) by Stephen Mager. The music combines medieval forms, rhythms, and melodic formulas with pleasantly modern harmonies, including polytonality. The three performers demonstrate loving and confident commitment to the score in this alluring performance."
-The American Organist, November 1, 2009 (Iluminations, DTR 6050)

"Not the least part of this disc's success is the outstanding quality of the artists. . . Lois Bliss Herbine seems to be saying in each piece, 'Listen to me prove what the piccolo, and this composer, can do!'. . . Harpist Sophie Bruno makes a luminous contribution to an excerpt from Stephen Mager's cycle for soprano, piccolo and harp based on Middle English lyrics and courtly love poems."
-Gramophone North American Review sub-titled "A high-flying recital which shows that the piccolo can do more than tootle" by Laurence Vittes, January, 2005 (Take Wing, Crystal 713)

"Another leading wind soloist takes flight - or in Crystal's rubric takes wing - in a recital of contemporary American music. Lois Bliss Herbine is clearly a committed exponent of such music, having commissioned and performed it with a number of ensembles and in a wide variety of media. She's joined by some able colleagues in a programme that is entertaining and wide ranging."
-MusicWeb International Record Review by Jonathan Woolf, December, 2004 (Take Wing, Crystal 713)

ILLUMINATIONS, Saltarello (The falcon) by Stephen Mager 2008 by DTR Music Used with permission.

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